The Best Defense

            I started in a karate class in the local YMCA, as many people do. I thoroughly enjoyed the routine of it. Learning the precise movements, and of course being able to compete. I got into my first tournament when I was hitting close to the age my brother was when he passed. I won that one, and placed second in my next one. I enjoyed the sport, but I knew that my passion would lie elsewhere, and so I wound up spending the next few years taking many different martial arts to find where my home was. I spent Read More

The Best Offense

Allow me to share a story with you, it may be one that you won’t want to hear, it may be one that you’ve heard before, whether from another person, or in a movie, but it’s the story of how I went from a young child, to the man I am today, and the defining moments that happened in my life to get to the point I am now, and what I try to offer other people. You may not know who I am now, but hopefully, through following this blog, you’ll get a better idea of who I am Read More