The Best Offense

Allow me to share a story with you, it may be one that you won’t want to hear, it may be one that you’ve heard before, whether from another person, or in a movie, but it’s the story of how I went from a young child, to the man I am today, and the defining moments that happened in my life to get to the point I am now, and what I try to offer other people. You may not know who I am now, but hopefully, through following this blog, you’ll get a better idea of who I am as a person, the objectives I have in life, and those I want to share with others.

It starts when I was nine years old. My parents didn’t make a lot of money, and we lived in a rough area of the city. I had an older brother who I looked up to in every way, and who I wanted to be like when I grew older. I used “used to” in the proper text, and the reasoning for using those words is one of the events that shaped who I became. My brother, wasn’t the best in school, he wasn’t the best in sports, but he had a way with girls, I remember that. He was in high school when I was in grade school, and I wanted to be an “adult” like him, not stuck hanging out with the small kids.

He took a fancy to a girl in the neighborhood, who had a boyfriend at the time. He didn’t seem to care much about that fact, because he pursued her as if she was single nonetheless. I remember the night the world came to a halt, as he invited this girl out for ice cream. She agreed to go with him, even knowing that her boyfriend wouldn’t approve, and that he was the type to throw fists first and ask questions later. This didn’t deter my brother though, as he was young and feeling invincible.

Of course, as they sat there on a picnic table, and he got friendly with her over ice cream, her boyfriend and a group of his friends showed up. The exact story of what happened has been retold countless times in many different ways, but the end result was a fight between the boyfriend and my brother. As they were in their scuffle, my brother was hit by one of the friends, knowing him out, on his way down, his head hit the curb.

My brother was in a coma for three months, before the doctors inevitably told my parents that he would never wake up. It crushed young me, and make me infinitely aware of how mortal we were, but also instilled the need in me to know how to defend myself if a situation like that ever occurred to me, and how to bring that knowledge to others if that event happened to them, and thus I began my training.

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