Counter Strike

Since my last update here, my school has opened, and I have been blessed with a turnout much bigger than anticipated. At times I feel like I’m teaching everyone in the city at one point or another, which is fantastic not only for my business, but for me as a person. We have had the ability to create groups based on skill level, and age, we focus on a wide variety of self defence lessons, and even had a new class opened by one of my long time female students, aimed directly at ensuring that young women have the ability Read More


I mentioned at the end of the last entry that the plans for my martial art were about to get a lot bigger, and the reason I know this is that I have silently secured a deal for a large enough space to open my own school. The kicker to that, is that it’s on the street where my brothers fight happened. It’s a few blocks down the road, but the connection is still there. I’m still in my rough neighborhood, and still near my childhood home. You may wonder why I chose this area, and to me, the answer Read More