I mentioned at the end of the last entry that the plans for my martial art were about to get a lot bigger, and the reason I know this is that I have silently secured a deal for a large enough space to open my own school. The kicker to that, is that it’s on the street where my brothers fight happened. It’s a few blocks down the road, but the connection is still there. I’m still in my rough neighborhood, and still near my childhood home. You may wonder why I chose this area, and to me, the answer is simple, it’s these people, my fellow city dwellers, and those who deal with the violence in the area, who need that ability, who need the means of discipline and self defense. Who need to be able to fight back.

I have been working with a local company called Expedite Construction on making the necessary changes to the building in order to capacitate the class and to have the right equipment around to practice on. These guys have been great at working the supports in a way that allow me as much open space as I need while still having a strong school for my students. I have the layout in mind, the colors, and the first groups of students to fill the halls. It took a journey of roughly forty years to get to where I am now, and I have finally hit the point of realizing my goal.

The best part of the entire school though, is the picture of my and my brother above one of the mantles. Giving me the reassurance every day that I am doing something that will carry on his legacy, and continually teaches me the lessons I learned the day he was taken from our lives. To continue to fight on, to not allow yourself to be made a victim, and to know which fights are worth getting into. I teach all of my student to defend themselves, to stick up for those who can’t stick up for themselves, and to use their skills for the betterment of their lives, rather than a means to simply be another bully.

Of course you have some individuals who are just like that, but my school has a zero tolerance policy. When I found out that they were using the skills learned from me to willfully harm others without provocation, he was abruptly kicked out of the program. Who knows where that could lead, whether one day he would take a brother or a sister form someone else. It’s a gamble I don’t plan on taking.

My school will open soon, and I look forward to bringing my boys and girls, men and women of my class the better environment in which to learn, to grow, and to gain confidence. I will update here as I can with more information, and in the meantime, wish you the best in whatever journey it is that your life takes, and the best in attaining your own goals.

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